The restaurant

A starred table

A family matter

A setting which favors relaxation and discovery.

Two generations of chefs, father and son: Serge and Maxime Chenet excel in showcasing their produce. Their complicity emanates through the dishes that are innovative yet traditional, and they strive to surprise you as well as to share their passion for gastronomy.

Customers have a choice of having their meal in one of two rooms: in the chapel, which is ideal for private dining or for meetings and seminars, or in the main dining room where you will discover the exceptional view after which the restaurant was named “Entre Vigne et Garrigue”.


Here, in the Restaurant “Entre Vigne et Garrigue” we want to take you on a memorable culinary journey and ensure that you will spend a truly magical time with us. In the kitchen the produce is king, our mission is simply to enhance it. The menus are changed every ten days depending on our inspiration, the season and the market. Fruits, vegetables, zucchini flowers and Mediterranean fish in Spring, game in Autumn and truffles in Winter…